About us

Interested in how it all began?

It all started with...

An empty stomach and a trip to the local grocery store. The idea of having to cook, although fun, can also be a rather daunting task after a long day. Considering the options, eating healthy although possible, requires some leg work, and when you're hungry, you're hungry!

...and that's when the lightbulb went off.

What if you could pick up home cooked meals on demand from local chefs? We all remember visiting our friends or distant family, and the awesome food around the table, so why not make that into a business?

And that is how ChefKiss was born!

The Mission

Help people discover new local foods and favorites in their community. We hope that by increasing the availability of options that people will not only discover new foods, but also grow tighter as a community.

Additionally by providing a platform for local chefs to be discovered, it is our hope that much needed income can find it's way to those who's raw talent can benefit their families, during tough economic times.

"The best memories are made around the dinner table."

What new favorite home inspired dishes will you discover?

By using ChefKiss, you also support your local community, helping employ and support locals in your area instead of large fast food chains, whom may source mass produced low quality ingredients. With ChefKiss, you are literally eating the same quality food that your chef is serving to his or her family. That's quality and peace of mind you can trust.